Contents of showreel sent to Olav Wyper

Track 1

Summer memories: From Adagio CD EMI library album.

Tracks 2 - 10

Born to run BBC TV series

Tracks 11 - 12

The Blue Boy

Track 13

Demo track for The Book programme.

Tracks 14 and 15

In the Cold Light of Day.

Track 16

Daisy-head Mayzie

Track 17

Harper and Iles

Track 18

Heavy Lads (A song from the Tracy Beaker series).

Track 19

Music written for Photoplay productions.

Lush Hollywood melody - Large orchestra.

Track 20

Franz Kafka's it's a wonderful life.

Track 21

Music written for Photoplay Productions

Comedy drama: Woman on a bus.

Tracks 22 - 25

Music written for Photoplay Productions

Military scene from DW Griffith, the father of film.

Tracks 26 - 30

Tell tale hearts

Tracks 31 - 32

Music written for Photoplay Productions.

Traditional Jazz pastiche

Tracks 33-35:

The unswept floor

Track 36

The Wyvern Mystery